Precalculus Home Page

Assignments are to be completed using the PreCalculus Courseware by Hawkes Learning Systems. After logging on, go to the WebTest tab.

Supplemental assignments are links to the Angel website. After logging on, go to the Supplemental Assignment page. Open the appropriate assignment, print it, complete it, and submit it in class.

All assignments are due at the beginning of class. Late homework will not be accepted.

Assignment   Due date
Intermediate Algebra Review   9/9
Functions   Section A 9/21
Section C 9/22
Supplemental Assignment 1   Section A 9/24
Section C 9/25
Basic Functions   Section A 10/1 not available until 9/28
Section C 10/2 not available until 9/29
Transformations   Section A 10/8
Section C 10/9 not available until 10/6
Supplemental Assignment 2 - Transformations   Section A 10/8
Section C 10/9
Operations   10/13
Polynomial Graphs   10/19
Division Review   10/20
Complex Number Review   10/21
Descartes Rule of Sign   10/23
Rational Zeros   10/23
Polynomial Zeros   10/28
Rational Functions   11/2
Supplemental Assignment 3 - Rational Functions   11/2
Inverses   11/6
Exponential Functions   11/12
Logarithmic Functions   11/17
Supplemental Assignment 4 - Exponential and Logarithmic Functions   11/18
Change of Base   11/17
Properties of Logarithms   11/18
Exponential and Logarithmic Equations   11/20
Exponential and Logarithmic Applications   11/24
Radians and Degrees   11/30
Trigonometric Functions   12/4
Trigonometric Graphs   12/7
Supplemental Assignment 5 Trigonometric Functions   12/7
Inverse Trigonometric Functions   12/9
Trigonometric Identities and Formulas   12/15
Trigonometric Equations   12/16
Laws of Sine and Cosine   12/18 extra credit up to 7 pts on final exam
Areas of Triangles   12/18 extra credit up to 3 pts on final exam