Laboratory Exercises



This page contains links to many of Professor McDarby's Lab Exercises for most of his courses, to serve as a preview or a printing option (it won't look quite like the handouts, but will do in a pinch).




Arthropods - Crayfish, Grasshopper, Live Crickets


Cells, Tissues, and Organs (Histology) - Introduction  

Cells, Tissues, and Organs (Histology) - Questions  

Cells, Tissues, and Organs (Histology) -  Information Sheets  



Disease Organisms - Questions  

Disease Organisms - Info Sheets


Enzymes - Introduction
            Enzymes - Procedures
                                    Enzymes - Questions and Data Sheets

Ethics  *

Evolution - Introduction  *
        Evolution - Part One
        Evolution - Part Two
               Evolution - Answer Sheet

Experiment Design  * 

Genetics Prelab  

Genetics  *

Using the Library Databases and the Internet

Invertebrates - Worms


Metacognition  *

Microscopes - Introduction

Microscope Use - Step-By-Step

Microscope Procedure - Human Biology


Vertebrates - Rat Dissection


Laboratory Safety Rules


* These are discussion labs - done largely as a responsive group in Experiment Design, Genetics, and Metacognition, and done in a circle, students reading questions and responding one-by-one with opened discussion from there, for Ethics and Evolution.




M. McDarby

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