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    Welcome to FMCC's Multimedia Technology course MM101. This course uses a blended learning environment and will consist of both online lectures as well as hands-on laboratory work on campus in the Multimedia/CAD lab located in C-019. Look for this symbol [mm101] on any page banner to link back to this Multimedia Technology I home page.  Please take your time to browse around the website and familiarize yourself with the layout. 

    The course website consists of four major areas: lecture, lab exercises, a threaded discussion, and an exams section for posting evaluation exercises.  You will find useful links to student tools and pertinent course information such as the syllabus, and the FMCC website along the left hand side of the home page.  Announcements will be posted when appropriate and to complement the syllabus at any time.

     A resources section has been created to help you find information on the World Wide Web and to keep a working list of helpful tools and websites throughout the course. Use the form provided on the resources home page to submit useful URL's for myself and your classmates -- credit is given where credit is due for a very good resource.
     For more information or clarification on any part of this web course, you can contact me by email or my office phone number is (518)762-4651 x3403


Best Wishes,

Mr. Renda


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September 06, 2011