Week of 9/17/2012   Introduction to Graphic Tools

What we will do this week....

  1. Review lecture 2
  2. We will learn how to use the magic wand, lasso tool, layers, text tool, and much more in PaintShopPro 7.  Go to your lab section to learn more!


Week of 9/10/2012  Introduction to Interactive PowerPoint

Finish up Lab1 and Lab1a this week and submit your Xbox Controller.pptx file on your lab day at the latest 

Quiz Next Week -- Make Sure Have Your Text Book !!!

Everyone read Chapters 1 and 2 in your Text. The quiz will be on Lectures 1 and 2 which are posted online.

Have your Project 1 (Interactive Project 1) ready to either submit or put the finishing touches on it for your lab day next week.

Project 1 Specs:

Create an Interactive Kiosk based on the techniques learned in Labs 1 and 1a (Xbox Controller example).  You need to have:

  • all animations automatic
  • animations are consistent
  • between 3 and 5 interactions
  • consistent "main menu" interactions (look at the Xbox example)
  • good color scheme, background, etc...
  • sounds, sounds, sounds......
Week of 9/5/2012  How to Get Started....

If you navigate to the lecture section of this website, you will be able to view and listen to an introduction on multimedia technologies. I have also posted a video lesson in the lab section that you may view so that you are ready for lab.



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September 19, 2012