Email is one of the most powerful communication tools in the computer age.  Due to the nature of our course, your need to communicate effectively via email with the instructor (me) and your fellow students is of paramount concern. You should have an email service that is reliable and that filters for computer viruses. You should also (at this point in your life) have an email address that is appropriate for someone attending college and preparing for a professional lifestyle. Email addresses like or are acceptable to friends but, are generally considered non-professional and you wouldn't want someone to judge you based on your email address....especially a prospective employer!

Mr. Renda's email address is:  or you can use an email form on the FMCC website located at:

Mr. Renda's Mailing address and phone number:

Robert Renda
Fulton-Montgomery Community College
2805 State Hwy 67
Johnstown, New York 12095

(518)762-4651 x3403 


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September 06, 2011