Download PSP graphic program


. Important -- Create a new folder before you download the files or use a TEMP folder.
  Step 1Right-click on EACH of the files below and Save Target As... to the folder you created on your computer.

setup.exe (The installation program) 1.4 MB

setup.w02 (ID file for the setup) 1.4 MB

setup.w03 (ID file for the setup) 136 KB



As you can see, I downloaded all of those files to a folder called psp on my Desktop.

  Step 2: Once you have downloaded all three files, double-click the setup.exe file to launch the setup program.
Step 3: Follow the directions for the installation which is self-explanatory.  BUT, Do Not click YES when asked to view the Read Me documentation towards the end of the installation. Just select No and click Next. 


Step 4: Once you have successfully completed the installation, you can launch the program and start the Lab.  You may want to view the lab first and then start the program. In either is a quick link to the Graphics Lab


Copyright 2000 Robert Renda. All rights reserved.
October 18, 2002