Lecture Topics
Lecture 6
Multimedia Authoring Tools

Multimedia authoring tools are the foundation of multimedia development.  
Lecture 5 Digital Video

There are many new concepts in this lesson, so please let me know what is puzzling. A couple of key issues: (1)The "frame" is the basic feature of digital video and has the same characteristics of still images...think about this!  (2)Aspect ratio -- this is the relationship between width and height. In regards to still images and digital video, we almost always want to retain the aspect ratio. Otherwise, the image becomes distorted.

Lecture 4


Sound is extremely important to multimedia content development. Without music as a background or sound effects, a multimedia presentation can be pretty boring. Make sure you read this chapter carefully -- it starts to throw out quite a few numbers that can get confusing. As always, use the discussion forum not only to ask questions, but to share what you have learned or found to be interesting. Make sure you go to the Lab after you have completed the lecture.
Lecture 3b
Introduction to Graphic Files

The common file formats that we use in Multimedia are .bmp, .gif and .jpg.   In order to select the best file format for your project, it is important to know what these file formats are and how they differ from one another.  Then go on to the Lab
Lecture 3a  Introduction to Text

I know....Text...sounds boring right?  There are however, some important details to know about text. Selecting the right font, size and style are very important in the creation of a multimedia titles.
Some designers feel that text is the most important element.
Lecture 2 Introduction to Multimedia Hardware

There is no audio on this lecture as this is intended just as a study guide and review of some of the concepts in the first two chapters of your text as well as our discussion in class. Be ready for the quiz on Lectures 1 and 2.
Lecture 1 Introduction to Multimedia Concepts and Technology

Please let me know as soon as possible if you have any problems viewing and hearing any part of this lecture.  The lecture is a PowerPoint presentation that has been configured for the WEB. The audio tracks have been highly compressed to save you valuable time while you are online. I could create "cleaner" sounding audio files, but the file sizes would be very large and for those of you on a modem connection the wait would be unbearable.  I will deliver the lectures in a variety of ways so that you may become more familiar and comfortable with multimedia and the Internet.


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