Foreign Language Placement-

By Interest and Career Choice


First criterion:

What language do you want to learn? Is there a language we offer that you would enjoy studying, that would enrich your life? Is there a country you hope someday to visit, or is there a semester abroad in your plans?

Second criterion:

Language by career choice:


Social Services / Human Resources:

Chinese (850 million L1 speakers):

International Affairs:

International Commerce:

French (338 million speakers L1 & L2):

International Affairs:

International Commerce (2 G8 nations speak French):

  • Among the most developed countries in the world are Canada and France according to UNESCO. The international buying power of the French language markets is rivaled only by English and German.

  • Also, French is the language of a great many zones of exploitation and developing markets.

  • Sub categories:

  • Marketing and the web:

  • The marketing potential to developed French markets is tremendous, and both France and Canada are web friendly as the US.

  • Software development: French language software is extremely high demand.

  • Sciences & Social Sciences (such as Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Physics, Linguistics, Sociology and Psychology):

    Philosophy, Literature, History:

  • The primary philosophers of our day who do not write in English, write largely in French, and marry their work with literary criticism and historical research (Foucault, Derrida, Kristeva, Lacan)

  • Tourism:

  • French Speaking tourists are common in America’s large resort area, particularly Florida, which is a wintering ground for tens of thousands of "Floribécois".

  • German (120 million speakers):

    International Commerce:

  • 1 G8 country speaks German (Germany), but it is also a language spoken in 2 extremely affluent European countries outside of Germany, namely Switzerland and Austria. As far as web marketing and software development, German is as important as French.

  • Sciences & Social Sciences (such as Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Physics, Linguistics, Sociology and Psychology):


  • The primary Western philosophers of our day base much of their work on such German philosophers as Nietzsche, Heiddeger and Kant.

  • Social Services:

  • Particularly for the Fulmont Region, the arrival of more and more German (some are monoglot) Anabaptists to the area will predicate a need for vital services to be offered in German.

  • Spanish (470 million speakers)

    International Affairs:

  • If a student has a direct interest in Latin American international affairs, or customs work in the US, then Spanish is an excellent choice, however for expanded opportunities Portuguese should also be learned.

  • National & International Commerce:

  • Spanish is spoken in a wide range of countries including countries in developing markets as well as first world countries such as Spain and the countries of the Southern Cone (Argentina, Uruguay and Chile)

  • In addition, the presence of around 40 million Spanish speakers in the U.S. makes Spanish a profitable language here at home as well.

  • Sciences & Social Sciences (such as astronomy, botany, archaeology, sociology):

  • Given the environments and plant species found in the rain forests of South America and the Caribbean, and the ongoing archaeological work in South America, Spanish is an excellent choice for these science domains.

  • Social Services:

  • The 40 million Spanish speakers in the US predicate the need for many educated people who are conversant in Spanish; the need for their skills also makes them a valuable asset in Latin America.

  • Welsh (750,000 speakers)

    Celtic Studies:

  • The field of Celtic Studies has broadened considerably in the last few years, and Welsh is an important research language in this field, not to mention the language of much primary source material

  • Government Employment/Marketing:

  • The new Welsh governing body and recent laws require that all official material and services be available in both languages. More and more companies are also beginning to recognize the market viability of Welsh first speakers and more and more commercial information is also being produced for a bilingual market. If you are planning to live in Wales and work there, Welsh is an excellent way to get your foot in the door.


    Foreign Language Placement-

    By Previous Background

    (French, Spanish and Welsh)

    Elementary X 1:

    0-1 year High School or equivalent
    The student should have little to no background in the given foreign language
    Restrictions: Non-native speakers only
    Basic grammar covered:
    simple sentence, compound sentences with conjunctions and inter to rel. pronouns
    forming questions
    present tense (both irregular and regular verbs, reflexives, stem changers)
    compound future (going to do something)

    Elementary X 2:

    1-2 years High School or equivalent
    Restrictions: Non-native speakers only
    Basic grammar covered:
    past tenses (passé composé/pretérito, imperfect)
    indirect object pronouns
    direct object pronouns
    revision of previous grammar

    Intermediate X 1:

    3-4 years High School or equivalent
    Restrictions: Non-native speakers only
    Basic grammar covered:
    simple future
    other compound tenses

    Intermediate X 2:

    4 -5 years High School or equivalent
    Restrictions: Non-native or heritage speakers
    Contents: Review of all grammar, ample amounts of reading and writing in target language. Course designed to be a review of first three semesters, and is not intended to advanced speakers of the language, in other words heritage speakers with high proficiency or natives.

    Third year courses: Spanish only

    FL 343 Spanish Conversation & Composition

    FL 344 Readings in Spanish

    Restrictions: Students should have at least 4-5 years High School foreign language, or equivalent. These courses may be appropriate for heritage speakers or native speakers who feel they need to "brush up" on their Spanish or who are interested in the literature that will be covered. These are not course to be taken in order to learn grammar or new skills, but develop ones already acquired.

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